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    Getting Started with Merch by Amazon: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Getting Started with Merch by Amazon: A Step-by-Step Guide




    Mar 5, 2024

    Have you ever thought about turning your creative ideas into passive income? If so, then yes it’s possible! Merch by Amazon has set the road as a fascinating platform for creative entrepreneurs in the world of e-commerce options. 

    Merch by Amazon or Amazon Merch on Demand is a dynamic platform that allows individuals to design and sell custom merchandise directly on the world's largest online marketplace.

    Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a graphic designer, or someone with a passion for creating unique designs, this guide can help you start earning passively.

    Before we get to the guide, let’s clarify any confusion between Merch by Amazon and Amazon Merch on Demand. If you’ve noticed these two brands being used alternately, then it’s good to take note that 'Merch by Amazon' underwent a rebranding last June 2022.

    'Merch by Amazon' is now officially known as 'Amazon Merch on Demand.' 

    This updated name signifies the same platform and support services. The transition to 'Amazon Merch on Demand' maintains a user-friendly experience for turning creative ideas into globally accessible products.

    Without further ado, let this guide walk you through everything you need to know about Amazon Merch on Demand, including what it is, how it works, and how to turn it into a profitable venture.

    Key Takeaways

    • Understand the process of how Merch by Amazon works.

    • Learn how you can get started in Merch by Amazon with a step-by-step guide from sign-up to listing your first merch.

    • Discover the benefits of selling merch with Merch by Amazon.

    • Get bonus tips on how you can maximize your earning potential with Merch by Amazon.

    What is Merch by Amazon?

    Merch by Amazon or Amazon Merch on Demand is a print-on-demand service offered by Amazon. It allows individuals to create custom-designed T-shirts, hoodies, and other apparel items, as well as various accessories, and sell them on Amazon. 

    The best part? You don't need to worry about inventory, production, or shipping. Amazon handles all of that for you.

    How Does Merch by Amazon Work?

    Merch by Amazon operates as a print-on-demand service that provides a platform for individuals to design and sell custom apparel and accessories on the Amazon marketplace.

    The process is simple. You create a design, set a price for your merchandise, and list it on Amazon. Customers browse Amazon's vast marketplace, and when they purchase your product, Amazon prints and ships it to them. You earn a royalty for each sale, making it a hands-off way to sell your designs.

    Here’s how it works:

    flow of how merch by amazon works. Amazon Merch Demand Account free Inventory Risk

    1. Upload Your Design on Merch on Demand

    Upload your custom design to your Merch on Demand account. This design could be a graphic, artwork, or any visual content you've created. Make sure to specify the type of product you want to feature your design on, such as a t-shirt or hoodie.

    1. Your Design Gets Listed on Amazon

    After you upload your design, Amazon will list your product on its platform, making it available to millions of potential customers. It will be displayed like any other product on Amazon, and customers can find it through Amazon's search and product discovery features.

    1. Customers Buy Your Product

    When a customer visits Amazon and purchases a product featuring your design, Amazon handles the entire sales transaction. This includes payment processing, order fulfillment, and customer service.

    1. Amazon Prints Your Product

    Once a customer places an order for a product with a link to your design, Amazon's print-on-demand system comes into play. They will take the design you provided and print it on the selected merchandise (e.g., t-shirt) according to the customer's order specifications.

    1. Amazon Ships the Product to the Customer

    After printing the product, Amazon will package and ship it to the customer's address. They handle all aspects of order fulfillment, including shipping, tracking, and any customer inquiries or issues. One amazing thing about Amazon’s Merch on Demand is its global reach. Meaning, your product gets shipped almost anywhere across the globe.

    Amazon's worldwide prime shipping

    1. Earn Royalties for Each Sale

    As the designer and seller of the product, you earn royalties for each sale. The amount you earn depends on the base price you set for the product and the difference between the base price and the sale price. Amazon will deduct their fees, production costs, and shipping costs before you receive your royalties.

    How to Get Started With Merch by Amazon

    Imagine seeing your unique creations showcased on high-quality T-shirts, hoodies, and more. Think about the opportunity of reaching a global audience, all without the burdens of inventory management or shipping logistics. This may all sound very exciting, but, how exactly do you start?

    Your creative earning potential starts here! Let’s walk through the step-by-step process you can follow to get started with Merch by Amazon.

    Step 1: Sign Up for an Account

    To get started, you need to sign up for a Merch by Amazon account. Note that not everyone is accepted immediately. Amazon often has an application and approval process due to the popularity of the platform. Once you're in, you will have access to Amazon's extensive product catalog to design and sell your custom merchandise. 

    Merch by Amazon Sign Up

    Also, note to prepare this information before setting up your new account:

    Needed information for sign-up Amazon Merch Account

    Step 2: Create and Upload Your Designs

    Once you have access, you can start creating and uploading your designs. These can be anything from catchy slogans to intricate artwork. The key is to create something that resonates with your target audience.

    Go all out with it!

    Creating product details  and uploading designs in Merch by Amazon

    The picture above shows an interface that may look a little different from the standard Merch on Demand interface. This is because we use Podly to help make print-on-demand tasks easier to do. Whether you’re experienced or new to print-on-demand business, this tool cuts a lot of time and effort in researching, finding niches, creating listings, and more!

    Step 3: Set Your Prices

    You have control over the pricing prime shipping of your products. Amazon will provide you with a base price, and you can set your profit margin by pricing the product above that base price.

    setting prices

    Step 4: List Your Products

    After pricing, you will need to list your products on Amazon. This involves creating product listings, including high-quality images, and compelling descriptions, and choosing relevant categories.

    Podly’s Chrome Extension includes a Listing Generation feature that makes listing creation a breeze. Download the extension to save you more time with your print-on-demand business.

    listing your merch products using Podly

    Step 5: Amazon Handles the Rest

    Once your products are live on Amazon, the e-commerce giant takes care of everything from production and printing to shipping and customer service. This hands-off approach frees you to focus on creating and expanding your designs.

    Merch by Amazon's handling

    How to Maximize Your Earnings with Merch by Amazon

    This platform allows individuals to design and sell custom merchandise, leveraging Amazon's massive customer base and infrastructure. If you are creative, have an eye for design, and are willing to put in the effort, you can make money with Merch by Amazon.

    Here's how you can maximize your earning potential with Merch by Amazon:

    1. Research Your Niche

    Successful Merch by Amazon sellers often begin by researching popular niches and trends. Find a niche that aligns with your interests and has a potential customer base. Research tools like Podly can help you discover products and niches for your print-on-demand business. By understanding what customers are looking for, you can create designs that resonate with them. 

    1. Create Unique Designs

    Design is at the core of Merch by Amazon's success. You can use graphic design software or outsource the design work to professionals if needed. Your designs should be eye-catching, original, and relevant to your chosen niche. 

    High-quality designs are more likely to attract customers and generate sales.

    1. Optimize Your Listings

    When you upload your designs to Merch by Amazon, optimize your product listings with relevant keywords and product descriptions. This will help your merchandise appear in search results and reach potential customers. 

    Make sure you use clear and engaging product titles, bullet points, and descriptions to convince shoppers to purchase. AI tools for listing optimization are also growing in popularity and are becoming more capable. So, think about utilizing them fully to optimize your listings.

    You can download Podly’s Chrome extension to create professional, engaging, and highly optimized listings for your Merch by Amazon products. Podly's Chrome extension significantly speeds up the process of creating product listings by automating repetitive tasks. It harnesses AI-driven technology to generate optimized titles, brand names, bullet points, and descriptions. 

    This Chrome Extension not only saves time but also enhances the quality of your listings, making them more effective in attracting customers and optimizing search visibility. This combination of automation and AI assistance can be a game-changer for e-commerce sellers looking to list products quickly and efficiently.

    1. Pricing Strategy

    Pricing your merchandise is a crucial aspect of making money on Merch by Amazon. You will need to find a balance between making a profit and offering competitive prices. 

    To help you with this, Amazon provides a royalty calculator to help you determine how much you can earn based on your pricing strategy.

    1. Promote Your Products

    While Amazon's marketplace can drive organic traffic, promoting your products can significantly boost your sales. You can share your merchandise on social media, create a website or blog, and use Amazon advertising to reach a wider audience. Leveraging various marketing and promotion strategies will help you gain visibility and increase sales.

    1. Monitor and Adapt

    To succeed on Merch by Amazon, it's essential to regularly monitor your sales, reviews, and customer feedback. Pay attention to what's working and what isn't. 

    Make adjustments to your designs, pricing, and marketing strategies accordingly. The more you learn from your experiences, the more successful you will become. Podly’s Trademark feature also helps keep businesses safe by making sure that products are 100% compliant with international trademark registration. 

    This tool helps companies protect the reputation of their brands and goods. It makes sure businesses comply with international trademark regulations.

    Podly’s convenient Chrome Extension with a Trademark Search tool that can check whether brand names and trademarks are available. This helps businesses safeguard their intellectual property and avoid the potential consequences of trademark violation.

    By following these steps and putting in the effort to create high-quality designs, optimize your listings, and promote your products, you can build a successful online business that generates a steady stream of income.

    Remember, success on Merch by Amazon takes time and dedication, but with the right approach, you can make money while doing something you love.

    Benefits of Merch by Amazon

    Merch by Amazon offers compelling benefits that make it an attractive platform for aspiring entrepreneurs and creative individuals looking to monetize their designs and ideas.

    1. Passive Income

    One of the standout features of Merch by Amazon is its ability to generate passive income. After you've uploaded your product designs and they're approved for sale, your work is essentially done. Your products will remain available on Amazon's marketplace, continuously reaching potential customers without requiring your active involvement. 

    This means that you can earn money while you're sleeping, on vacation, or simply enjoying life. You'll be making bucks while lounging on and on vacation!

    1. No Upfront Costs

    Traditional business models often involve significant upfront investments in inventory, manufacturing, and infrastructure. With Merch by Amazon, there are no such hurdles. The platform operates on a print-on-demand system, which means that products are created and shipped only when they're ordered by customers. 

    This eliminates the need for you to invest in inventory or bear manufacturing costs, making it an accessible and low-risk option for entrepreneurs.

    Podly can be a valuable tool for those who are just getting started with Amazon Merch on Demand. This tool can help identify profitable niches, save time on research, and reduce the uncertainty that often comes with starting a new business.

    Trial and error is a common experience for startups and it sometimes ends up in frustration. With Podly, spending countless hours testing products only to discover that there's no demand can be prevented. This tool was designed to find and research niches that would sell to save you time and maximize what you can earn.

    1. Global Reach

    Leveraging Amazon's extensive global presence is another major advantage. Your products become instantly accessible to Amazon's vast customer base around the world. This global reach not only exposes your designs to a diverse audience but also enhances your sales potential. 

    Whether you're targeting customers in North America, Europe, Asia, or anywhere else, Merch by Amazon helps you tap into a truly international marketplace.

    Global Prime Shipping for your existing amazon account and maintain zero inventory

    Along Merch by Amazon’s global reach is the benefit of having a vast array of products to choose from. From classic t-shirts and hoodies to phone cases, coffee mugs, and even pop sockets, you have the flexibility to diversify your product line. 

    Having a large variety of products can be favorable. It allows you to cater to different customer preferences and trends across different countries.

    1. Scalability

    Merch by Amazon allows you to scale your business at your own pace. You can start with a few designs and gradually expand your portfolio as your brand gains popularity. This scalability accommodates your growth ambitions without the need for large investments upfront. 

    You're free to experiment with different niches and products, adapting your strategy to evolving market trends.

    Amazon Merch Limitations and Tiers

    Are there limitations to Amazon Merch?

    Well, there are product limits when it comes to Merch by Amazon. When you first enroll in the program, you are assigned an account tier that dictates the number of designs you can upload and sell. 

    As these designs generate sales and meet particular performance requirements, they can progress to higher tiers, which will grant them greater upload allowances. 

    Here's how the tiers are structured:

    Tier 10: This is the initial tier for newcomers, allowing them to upload and sell up to 10 designs.

    Tier 25, Tier 100, Tier 500, Tier 1,000, and so forth: As sellers achieve sales and meet specific performance criteria, they move up to higher tiers, each of which comes with an increased upload limit.

    Challenges and Competition

    Staying Ahead

    Competition on Merch by Amazon is fierce. Staying ahead requires consistent effort in design creation and marketing.

    Amazon's Royalty System

    Amazon follows a royalty system, where you earn a portion of the sales. It's essential to understand the system and set your prices strategically.

    Tips and Tricks for Success

    Consistency is Key

    Keep the ball rolling! 

    Consistently uploading new designs and maintaining product listings will keep your store active and engaging. 

    Merch by Amazon tips for success

    Customer Feedback Matters

    Pay attention to customer feedback and reviews. Each good and bad response is crucial information. Improving your products based on customer suggestions will lead to higher sales and better reviews.

    Stay Updated with Trends

    Keep an eye on industry and design trends. Adapting your designs to align with what is popular and timeless will materially boost your sales.

    Legal and Copyright Considerations

    Trademarks and Copyrights

    Always respect trademarks and copyrights when designing your products. Using copyrighted material without permission can lead to legal issues and it's best to avoid that. 

    Intellectual Property Rights

    Understanding intellectual property rights will save you a lot. Create original designs and obtain the necessary rights to use existing material in your products.

    Merch by Amazon offers opportunities for creative individuals to turn their designs into a source of income. With Amazon handling the logistics, you can focus on creating and growing your brand. So, why wait? Dive into this world of endless possibilities and start your Merch by Amazon journey today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Is it free to join Merch by Amazon?

    Definitely! Joining Merch by Amazon and creating an account as a seller is free. You only pay when you order products for yourself. No initial capital investment or recurring subscription fees are needed to join.

    2. How much can I earn on Merch by Amazon?

    Earnings vary, but with dedication and effective marketing, it's definitely possible to earn a substantial income.

    3. Are there any restrictions on the designs I can upload?

    Yes, Merch by Amazon has specific restrictions on the designs you can upload. These restrictions are in place to ensure that designs comply with Amazon's content policies and legal guidelines. It’s good practice always to review their content policies.

    Some common restrictions include copyrighted and trademarked materials, designs containing offensive or inappropriate content, and designs depicting excessive violence.

    4. How long does it take for a design to become live on Amazon?

    The review process can take anywhere from a few hours to several days.

    5. Can I sell my Merch by Amazon account or transfer it to someone else?

    No, Merch by Amazon accounts are non-transferable and cannot be sold or shared.

    6. Can I sell my designs on other platforms while using Merch By Amazon?

    Merch By Amazon operates under a non-exclusive agreement, allowing you to sell your designs elsewhere. However, be sure to review the terms and conditions to understand any specific limitations.

    7. Do I need to handle customer service inquiries?

    No, Merch By Amazon manages customer service, including handling returns, refunds, and inquiries. It frees you up to focus on creating and promoting your designs.

    8. What kind of designs tend to sell well on Merch By Amazon?

    Design trends can change over time, but popular categories often include humor, pop culture references, niche interests, and designs related to current events or holidays. Staying up-to-date with trends can help you create designs that resonate with customers.

    9. Can I sell internationally on Merch By Amazon?

    Yes, Merch By Amazon offers international shipping, which means you can reach customers in multiple countries. Keep in mind that you may want to consider local customs and preferences when designing for an international audience.

    10. Is there a minimum requirement for the number of designs I need to start selling?

    Merch By Amazon doesn't have a specific minimum requirement. You can start with just one design, but having a variety of products can increase your chances of making sales.