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    Boosting Your Print On Demand Sales Through TikTok: A Step-by-Step Guide for Newbies in 2024

    Boosting Your Print On Demand Sales Through TikTok: A Step-by-Step Guide for Newbies in 2024




    Feb 27, 2024

    Boosting Your Print On Demand Sales Through TikTok: A Step-by-Step Guide for Newbies in 2024
    Boosting Your Print On Demand Sales Through TikTok: A Step-by-Step Guide for Newbies in 2024
    Boosting Your Print On Demand Sales Through TikTok: A Step-by-Step Guide for Newbies in 2024

    Key Takeaways

    • Learn to harness TikTok's vast user base for promoting Print On Demand (POD) products by creating engaging video content using

    • Gain insights on preparing a solid product lineup and understanding market trends with tools like Podly to ensure the success of TikTok promotional campaigns.

    • Discover the step-by-step approach to effectively share and monitor your promotional content on TikTok to drive traffic, engage a wider audience, and increase sales.


    In an era dominated by digital interaction, the clout of social media in the business realm is undeniable.

    Entrepreneurs venturing into Print On Demand (POD) must use these platforms for sustainable growth. It's not just an option—it's a requirement. Among the plethora of social media channels,

    TikTok has carved a niche for itself, especially when it comes to product promotion. TikTok has a burgeoning user base and a global reach. It provides a fertile ground for POD entrepreneurs to showcase their product catalog and creations to a diverse and expansive audience.

    TikTok's charm lies in its video-centric content. It appeals to the visual instincts of viewers. When it comes to promoting POD products, engaging videos can serve as a conduit between the brand and potential customers.

    A well-crafted video exhibits the product in an enticing manner. It also encapsulates the brand ethos, forging a subtle bond with the viewer. Moreover, TikTok's algorithm tends to favor engaging and creative content. This gives even small POD entrepreneurs a chance to reach a larger audience.

    By meshing creativity with strategic promotion, POD sellers can harness TikTok to boost visibility, engage a wider audience, and ultimately, augment sales.

    Methodology Overview How to Sale on Tiktok Account

    Create business account to sell on tiktok

    The journey from creating a POD product to promoting it on TikTok involves a series of orchestrated steps. This article delineates a methodical approach to not only create captivating videos for your POD products but also share them effectively on TikTok to drive traffic and escalate sales.

    The methodology pivots around utilizing a platform called, which simplifies the video creation process, coupled with strategic sharing on TikTok to garner maximum visibility.

    1. Preparation: Before diving into video creation, it's imperative to have your POD products ready for promotion. This includes having high-resolution images of your products and a clear understanding of the message you want to convey through your promotion.

    2. Video Creation on

      • Navigate to and explore the array of templates available for TikTok videos.

      • Select a template that resonates with your brand and start the customization process by uploading product images, choosing mockups, and tweaking colors and text to align with your brand’s aesthetic.

      • For a more engaging viewer experience, utilize the multiple slides feature on Placeit to promote various products in a single video.

    3. Downloading and Uploading on TikTok:

      • Once satisfied with the video, download it from Placeit.

      • Create or log in to your business TikTok account, ensuring your website link is embedded in the bio to direct traffic.

      • Share your video on TikTok, employing relevant hashtags, catchy captions, and engaging with the audience to boost the video’s visibility.

    4. Monitoring and Analysis:

      • Monitor the performance of your videos on TikTok, analyzing the engagement and traffic directed to your online store.

      • Utilize the insights to tweak future promotions, optimizing the process for better engagement and higher sales.

    This structured methodology emphasizes a balanced blend of creativity, strategic promotion, and analysis to ensure not only a broader reach but also a higher conversion rate for your POD products on TikTok.

    By following this step-by-step approach, POD entrepreneurs can effectively tap into the vast user base of TikTok, driving substantial traffic to their online store and progressively increasing sales.

    The amalgamation of’s ecommerce platform and simplified video creation process with TikTok’s extensive reach provides a formidable strategy for POD sellers to thrive in the competitive digital marketplace.

    Preparation Sell on TikTok Business Account

    Tiktok creator marketplace

    Entering the realm of Print On Demand (POD) necessitates a solid foundation to start selling and ensure that the products you intend to promote are well-received by your target audience. One of the primary steps in this venture is to have your POD products ready for showcasing.

    A popular choice among entrepreneurs is to use a Shopify store integrated with Printful. This integration not only facilitates the creation of your POD products but also provides a platform to host and sell them.

    For instance, the Shopify-Printful integration allows you to upload your unique designs, choose the products you want to sell, set your prices, and finally, launch your store. The ease of operation and the minimal upfront investment make this a lucrative choice for many.

    However, having a store with products is just the tip of the iceberg. The products you choose to sell must resonate with current market trends to ensure a favorable response from your audience. This is where tools like Podly become invaluable.

    Podly is a suite of SaaS tools designed to help Print On Demand sellers identify the best POD trends. By leveraging the data and insights provided by Podly, sellers can make informed decisions on what products to create and promote. Identifying trending niches or designs can significantly enhance the likelihood of your products gaining traction on platforms like TikTok.

    Podly provides you page a panoramic view of the market trends, enabling you to align your product offerings with what the audience is seeking.

    Navigating to

    Once your products are ready and you have a grasp on the trending themes courtesy of Podly, the next phase of your TikTok promotion strategy is creating engaging video content. This is where comes into play.

    Placeit is a remarkable platform that provides an array of templates and tools to create high-quality visuals and videos for your marketing campaigns. The primary allure of Placeit lies in its user-friendly interface and the plethora of templates that cater to various business needs.

    Creating a promotional video for TikTok on Placeit is a straightforward process. You begin by navigating to the platform and in the search bar, type “TikTok video,” which then unveils a multitude of templates designed to capture the TikTok audience's attention.

    The templates range from simplistic to extravagant designs, each capable of portraying your POD products in a compelling manner.

    However, the benefits of Placeit extend beyond just a vast template library. The platform offers a flexible subscription pricing model to cater to different user needs.

    With a monthly subscription priced at $14.95 or an annual subscription at $89.69, Placeit presents a cost-effective solution for individuals and businesses on a tight budget. The investment is reasonable considering the quality and the variety of resources available at your disposal.

    By investing in a Placeit subscription, you unlock a world of creative possibilities that can significantly augment your marketing efforts on TikTok. The videos you create on Placeit can be tailored to echo your brand's ethos and appeal to your target demographic on TikTok.

    The aim is to create content that not only showcases your products but also engages and entices viewers to explore your offerings further.

    In conclusion, the synergy between a well-prepared product lineup, market trend analysis through Podly, and engaging video content creation on sets the stage for a successful Print On Demand promotion campaign on TikTok.

    Creating Your First TikTok Video

    A user generated content

    Embarking on the journey of promoting your Print On Demand (POD) products on TikTok begins with crafting an engaging video.

    The process is streamlined and hassle-free, thanks to, a platform loaded with a myriad of templates designed to grab the TikTok audience's attention. Here’s a breakdown of how to go about creating your first TikTok video on Placeit:

    Typing “TikTok video” in the Search Bar on Placeit to Unveil a Variety of Templates

    As soon as you land on Placeit's homepage, your first task is to navigate to the search bar at the top and type “TikTok video.” This action will unveil a multitude of templates, each with a distinct style and theme.

    The templates range from simplistic to elaborate designs, catering to diverse aesthetic preferences. The variety ensures that you will find a template that resonates with your brand's identity and the message you intend to convey.

    Selecting a Template and Starting the Video Creation Process

    After finding a template that piques your interest, the next step is to dive into the video creation process. Click on the chosen template to open the video editor. Here, you will be prompted to upload an image of the product you wish to promote. For instance, if you are promoting a t-shirt, upload a high-resolution image of the t-shirt.

    Once the image is uploaded, you will need to select a mockup. The mockup is essentially a digital model wearing or using your product. Placeit offers a vast array of mockups to choose from, ensuring that you find one that showcases your product in the best light.

    The customization doesn’t end here. You have the liberty to tweak the colors and text to align with your brand's theme. You can change the background color, text color, and even the color of the mockup model's attire. Furthermore, you can add enticing text to further grab the viewers' attention.

    Phrases like “New Arrival” or “Limited Edition” are often effective in creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity.

    Promoting Multiple Products

    Build brand awareness on tiktok community and tiktok creators

    Utilizing Multiple Slides Feature on Placeit to Promote a Variety of Products in a Single Video

    One of the standout features of Placeit is its ability to accommodate multiple slides in a single video. This feature is a boon for those looking to promote several products simultaneously. Each slide can showcase a different product, making it an efficient way to give your audience a glimpse of the variety you offer.

    Creating additional slides follows the same process as creating the first slide. You will need to upload a product image, select a mockup, and customize the colors and text for each slide. This process is repeated for as many products as you wish to promote.

    The multiple slides feature not only allows for promotion of a diverse range of products but also keeps the video engaging and dynamic. The transition from one slide to the next can pique the viewer's curiosity, urging them to keep watching to see what product will be showcased next.

    In a world where attention spans are dwindling, keeping the viewers engaged through a visually appealing and dynamic video is paramount. Each slide offers a fresh visual, maintaining the viewer’s attention and interest.

    In conclusion, promoting multiple products in a single video on TikTok through Placeit is a savvy strategy. It not only showcases the breadth of your product range but also keeps the video engaging, increasing the likelihood of viewers visiting your online store and making a purchase.

    Downloading and Sharing on TikTok

    Tiktok Content sharing to invite Tiktok users to Tiktok shop

    Once you have created a compelling video on Placeit, the next steps are straightforward but crucial. Download the video by clicking on the 'Download' button available on the platform. With your video now saved to your device, it’s time to venture into the TikTok realm.

    If you haven't set up a TikTok account for your business, now is the perfect time. Head over to TikTok and create a business account. The process is swift and user-friendly. Once your account is set up, make sure to fill in the details meticulously, especially linking your online store in the bio section. This link is pivotal as it will direct traffic from your TikTok videos to your online store, bridging the gap between viewing and purchasing.

    Now, it's time to share the video. Upload the video you created on Placeit to your TikTok business account. Utilize TikTok’s features like adding catchy captions, relevant hashtags, and engaging with the audience through comments once the video is posted. The objective is to create a ripple effect - the more engagement your video receives, the higher the likelihood of it being seen by a larger audience on TikTok. Moreover, TikTok’s algorithm tends to favor videos that receive immediate engagement.

    Additionally, you might want to consider TikTok advertising for a broader reach. Though it involves a budget, it can significantly amplify the visibility of your Print On Demand products to a targeted audience, thus potentially driving more sales.

    Frequently Ask Questions

    What is TikTok and how does it work for selling products?

    TikTok is a social media platform that allows users to create, share, and discover short videos, often featuring music in the background. 

    It's particularly popular among younger audiences and is known for its addictive content and engaging algorithm that personalizes the user experience.

    For selling products, TikTok works by allowing businesses and content creators to reach a wide audience through a variety of methods:

    1. Organic Content: Users can create videos featuring their products in a creative or entertaining way. If the content resonates with the audience, it can go viral, leading to significant exposure.

    2. Influencer Partnerships: Brands can collaborate with TikTok influencers who have large followings to promote their products. These influencers create content that seamlessly integrates the products, providing authenticity and driving sales.

    3. TikTok Ads: The platform offers a range of advertising options, including In-Feed ads, Branded Hashtag Challenges, and TopView ads, which allow businesses to place their products directly in front of potential customers.

    4. TikTok Shop: In some regions, TikTok has introduced a shopping feature that allows users to purchase products directly through the app, streamlining the process from discovery to purchase.

    Overall, TikTok provides a dynamic and interactive way to market and sell products to a large and engaged audience, leveraging the power of short-form video content.

    How do I set up a TikTok account for selling?

    Tiktok user create tiktok business account for sell on Tiktok and having shop tab

    To set up a TikTok account for selling:

    1. Download the App: Install TikTok from your device's app store and open it.

    2. Sign Up: Tap on 'Me' at the bottom right, then 'Sign up'. Choose to sign up with your phone number, email, or social media account.

    3. Create Profile: Follow the prompts to create your profile. Add a username that reflects your brand, a profile picture, and a bio with relevant information about what you're selling.

    4. Switch to Pro Account: Go to 'Manage my account' and tap on 'Switch to Pro Account'. Choose 'Business' and pick the category that best describes your store.

    5. Set Up Your Bio: Your bio should clearly state what you're selling and include a link to your store or website.

    6. Create Content: Start creating content that showcases your products. Be creative and use hashtags relevant to your niche.

    7. Engage: Like, comment, and share content from other users to increase visibility.

    8. Follow Trends: Stay up-to-date with trends and challenges to create relevant content.

    9. Promote: Use TikTok ads to promote your products if desired.

    10. Analyze: Regularly check your analytics to understand your audience and refine your strategy.

    Keep in mind TikTok's community guidelines and ensure your content is appropriate for the platform.

    What types of products sell best on TikTok?

    Products that are visually appealing, trendy, budget-friendly, and aligned with the interests of younger demographics tend to sell best on TikTok. 

    These include beauty and skincare items, fashion and accessories, tech gadgets, and novelty items that benefit from viral marketing and challenges to online shopping.

    How do I create engaging content to sell products on TikTok?

    1. Identify Your Audience: Understand who you are targeting and what they find interesting.

    2. Showcase Benefits: Highlight the product's benefits and how it solves problems.

    3. Be Authentic: Create genuine content that reflects your brand voice, avoiding overly salesy tones.

    4. Use Trends: Incorporate current TikTok trends and music to increase relevancy and shareability.

    5. Engage Users: Encourage user interaction through questions, challenges, or user-generated content.

    6. Visual Appeal: Use high-quality visuals and creative editing to grab attention.

    7. Clear CTA: Include a simple call-to-action, directing viewers on what to do next.

    8. Collaborate: Partner with influencers or other creators to reach a larger audience.

    9. Educate: Provide value by teaching something related to your product or industry.

    10. Monitor Feedback: Pay attention to comments and analytics to refine your strategy.

    How do I use hashtags and trends to boost sales on TikTok?

    1. Research popular hashtags related to your niche to reach a targeted audience.

    2. Use trending hashtags to increase visibility, but ensure they are relevant to your content.

    3. Create engaging content that aligns with trending challenges or topics.

    4. Use a mix of broad and niche-specific hashtags to cast a wide net while maintaining relevance.

    5. Monitor trending sounds and effects, incorporating them to make your posts more discoverable.

    6. Post consistently during peak hours when your audience is most active.

    7. Encourage user interaction by asking viewers to use your branded hashtag in their content.

    8. Analyze hashtag performance and adapt your strategy based on what increases engagement and sales.

    What are TikTok's policies and guidelines for selling?

    TikTok's policies and guidelines for selling include:

    1. Compliance: Sellers must adhere to local laws and platform policies.

    2. Prohibited items: Sales of illegal, counterfeit, or unsafe goods are not allowed.

    3. Authenticity: Products sold must be genuine and accurately described.

    4. Intellectual property: Respect copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property rights.

    5. User safety: Sellers must not promote scams, misinformation, or harmful products.

    For complete and updated details, refer to TikTok's official community guidelines and terms of service.


    Promoting Print On Demand products in the digital space has become more accessible and effective thanks to platforms like Placeit, tools like Podly, and social media channels like TikTok.

    Placeit simplifies the video creation process, making it possible for anyone to design captivating promotional videos without any technical skills. On the other hand, Podly is instrumental in aiding entrepreneurs to identify trending Print On Demand products, thus aligning their inventory with market demands.

    TikTok, with its vast user base and engagement-centric algorithm, serves as a fertile ground for promoting your Print On Demand products. Its ease of use and the potential for organic reach make it a vital tool in a modern entrepreneur’s digital marketing toolkit.

    The synergy of these platforms and tools creates a pathway for entrepreneurs to not only promote their Print On Demand products but also to understand and adapt to market trends swiftly. The potential for reaching a broad audience, engaging with them in a meaningful way, and driving traffic to your online store is immense.

    Exploration is at the heart of digital marketing. The aforementioned platforms and tools are just the tip of the iceberg. As you delve deeper, you may discover more resources and strategies that could propel your Print On Demand business to new heights.

    The digital landscape is vast, and the promotional possibilities are endless. The combination of creativity, the right tools, and an engaging platform like TikTok could be the catalyst that transforms your Print On Demand venture into a thriving online business.

    With every video you create and share, with every trend you identify and adapt to, and with every interaction on TikTok, you are not just promoting your products; you are building a brand. And in the digital arena, brand building is the cornerstone of sustainable growth and success.

    So, venture forth, explore the digital marketing landscape, and unlock the potential that platforms like Placeit, Podly, and TikTok offer to bolster your Print On Demand business.